Disposals are like a light switch. They are not appreciated until they do not work. These "hidden" appliances have become a standard in almost every kitchen. Understanding your disposal and what to know and watch out for may help prolong yours and avoid unnecessary service call but rest assured, when the need arises, Two Hands For Hire is here to help.

Disposals are available in a variety of brands, models and sizes which typically dictate performance and cost, however in most cases, the installation cost of a new disposal is constant. They all have the same basic components including a sink collar, dishwasher connector, and waste line on the outside of the unit, and in short, a set of impellers and a motor to chop up food waste and send it down the drain.

While seemingly made to accept and dispose of about anything, there are limitations to what should be fed to a disposal. While stronger disposals may be more forgiving that others, items such as potato peelings, hard objects such as pits and meat bones, or grease and oil are typical no-noes.

So, what can go wrong? Well problems Two Hands For Hire has had to address includes jammed disposals, clogged disposals, and leaking disposals. Some of these issues can be resolved without having to replace the disposal. Most disposals come with a "jam tool" which most of us may recognize as a hockey stick shaped hex-wrench that can be placed in the bottom middle of the disposal, so the impellers can be moved back and forth to remove whatever is jammed. When freed, sometimes running water for a minute before running the disposal again can fix the issue but in other cases, the items jamming the disposal may need to be removed. Some leaks can also be attributed to the connections at the collar or either drain connection which in most cases may not need a replacement unit. If attempting this yourself, please be sure to unplug the disposal before placing anything including your hand down inside.

Two Hands For Hire has a bit of experience in dealing with disposal issues and is only a phone call or text away.

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